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Whitebox Taster Pack (4 pack)


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Can't decide what cocktail-in-a-can is best for you? Need all of these beauties in the fridge to impress your pals? No worries, grab this taster pack that includes 1x Disco Baby, 1x Pocket Negroni, 1x Chipper's Old Fashioned and 1x Freezer Martini. Sounds like a party!


Ummm, yeah - as I said, sounds like a party, right? So invite some pals over and do a bit of cocktail tapas (definitely not a thing) and get sharing. Or alternatively, take a solo trip around the Whitebox universe!


Disco Baby: Vodka, Watermelon, Lemon Thyme, Soda (4.8% ABV; Allergens: none)
Pocket Negroni: Porter's Gin, Bitter Aperitif, Sweet Vermouth (21.8% ABV; Allergens: Sulphites)
Chipper's Old Fashioned: Virgin oak whisky, cherrywood bitters, gum sugar (32.2% ABV; Allergens: Cereals)
Freezer Martini: Porter's Gin, Dry Vermouth, Lemon Zest (34.4% ABV; Allergens: Sulphites)


Volume: 100ml (Pocket Negroni, Chipper's Old Fashioned, Freezer Martini); 250ml (Disco Baby)
Height: 7cm (Pocket Negroni, Chipper's Old Fashioned, Freezer Martini);11.2cm (Disco Baby)
Weight: 125g (Pocket Negroni, Chipper's Old Fashioned, Freezer Martini); 270g (Disco Baby)