Venetian Spritz – Canvas Bars

Venetian Spritz


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So this is Modern Aperitivo, right? It's bottled-to-serve, so just open and pour. Made to share, obv - aperitivo on your ones isn't the same is it. And All Natural, because we care what goes into our body these days (didn't even mean that). The Venetian Spritz gives you that big peachy nose before moving into a soft honey mouthfeel and a classic dry finish. Oooft.


Is there anything that hits quite like a Spritz at the end of the day? Maybe it's the fizzy liquid, maybe it's because by the end of the day we just need that signifier of the end of work and the start of the evening. Anyway, fill up your glass with ice and pour. No time wasted mixing, nice.


Organic white wine, peach and honey


Volume: 750ml
Serves: 5
Height: 31cm
Weight: 1.24kg
ABV: 6%
Allergens: Sulphites