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The World's Most Rubbish Bar At Home


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 The World's Most Rubbish Bar At Home

Where waste, taste and purpose beautifully collide, this is an immersive drinking spectacle designed to reframe how we perceive waste by transforming it into a luxurious cocktail experience, in collaboration with Discarded Spirits Co. This is The World's Most Rubbish Bar At Home.
Inside the box there was:

  • The Grape Skin Martini
  • The Banana Mai Tai Spritz
  • The Cascara Cold Brew
  • Two Weez & Merl Recycled Coasters
  • Wonky Apple crisps
  • A bespoke playlist of re-used music
  • A coffee-scented canvas Room Spray

  • Videos to guide the experience from your bartender, Sam


The Bartender

A self-confessed 'Zero Waste Warrior', Sam Trevethyen is the Global Brand Ambassador for the Discarded Spirits Co and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to re-thinking & re-using 'waste' in drinks.

Prior to joining the Discarded team, Sam headed up the drinks operations for the coffee shop & bar group, Grind. It was here he first learnt about the Discarded Cascara Vermouth. Re-using Cascara cherries previously thought of as 'waste' in the coffee production process struck a chord with Sam and it wasn't long before he was joining the team's mission to reverse needless waste in drinks. 

Now, Sam spends his time developing new ways to re-use creatively in the drinks industry and also making delicious zero-waste cocktails, of course.


The Drinks

First up was the Grape Skin Martini. Delivering on some delicious, crisp tropical notes, this Martini is the perfect way to start the night. Come for the subtle fruity vibes, stay for the buttery mouthfeel. You can watch Sam explain more about this drink and the re-used ingredients here

Using up the citrus husks from juicing never tasted so good. Next was the Banana Mai Tai Spritz. Full of banana complexity & super refreshing with the Dash Rhubarb & Fiery Ginger Soda. Watch Sam chat through this serve here

The third drink on the menu was the Cascara Cold Brew. Super indulgent and the perfect way to end the evening, a celebration of all things coffee. Rich, balanced sweetness, the ultimate sipper. Watch Sam explain this delicious cocktail here



Beyond the drinks

Working with Discarded Spirits Co gave us at Canvas a great opportunity to check in on our sustainability credentials. Its something we've always kept high in our priorities and now with this box we're able to say that the entire product that arrives at your door will be 100% recyclable or re-usable. In fact, the only thing that's not easily recyclable is the Canvas Room Spray. This is however, designed to be refilled and re-used again and again.



Not only is freshly roasted coffee one of the most nostalgic & comforting scents out there, it also acts as a perfect partner when tasting a range of drinks. Coffee beans are often used in spirits tastings to be used to 'reset the nose' before moving on to a new aroma & taste.

When it comes to sustainable luxury, it doesn't get much slicker & beautiful than these coasters from Weez & Merl in Brighton. They're made from fully recycled LDPE plastic and due to the production processes each coaster is unique. They're also dishwasher safe, nice.

Food waste is a big problem, and even worse when that food is completely edible - it just might not look 'perfect'. These apple crisps are made using wonky apples that would otherwise be thrown away, and they're super delicious. They deliver on both taste and doing your bit to turn the tide on food waste.