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The Crown & Halo


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The Crown & Halo by Alex King was all about bringing together the service & standards of the five-star hotel world and the comfort & cosiness of the local pub.
Inside the box there was:
  • 'Welcome Bubbles' Shandy (two servings)

  • An Earl of East 'Elementary' 40hr Candle

  • A bespoke playlist by Alex

  • A Mini documentary & drinks service videos from Alex

  • The Bananatini (two servings)

  • The Banker's Highball (two servings)

  • The Angel-Faced Colada (two servings)

  • A Packet of Crisps with bespoke Gravy Seasoning

  • Two Vegan Leather Coasters

  • A Deck of Playing Cards


The Bartender

Alex King is not only a fantastic bartender who makes delicious drinks, but he's also a top guy and has some of the best bar chat we've ever heard. With a bartending CV including The Artesian, Callooh Callay & LCC, Alex definitely called upon a range of experience when it came to working with us on Canvas 002. Hailing from East Yorkshire, Alex's first experience of what makes a great bar was in his local pubs, surrounded by mates in a comfortable & cosy surrounding, but it was after moving to London a few years ago that he delved deeper into the world of bartending and worked across a number of the capital's best bars. Merging this new found knowledge of industry-leading service & drinks standards with an environment that felt most welcoming & comfortable is the true essence of The Crown & Halo. Our guests got to know more about Alex in our mini-documentary before exploring the menu and learning more about the delicious drinks included and how to make them.

The Drinks

* Bonus * - Alex was keen to ensure guest's were feeling comfortable when they first sat down and so included a "Welcome Shandy" in The Crown & Halo. Working with our friends at Shandy Shack, we suggested that these cans were shared between two and served in a sparkling wine flute because that's how it would be in a pub/five star hotel hybrid!

The Bananatini was like a wet vodka martini with a 'wait, are you sure that works? Yes, yes it does' Banana twist. Here we worked with our friends at Belvedere Vodka to offer the spirit backbone of the drink. You can watch the perfect serve video with Alex here

Bankers Highball

Angel-Faced Colada

Beyond the drinks

Gravy Crisps

Earl of East Candle

Vegan Leather coasters