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Stemmed Rocks Glass (2 pack)


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Not the first style of glass you think of in the world of rocks glasses but this Stemmed Rocks Glass from Levitas is a team favourite. For us, it just brings to life a certain style of cocktail that is served on the rocks but doesn't necessarily feel so dark and contemplative. Sturdy as a rocks glass often is, yet super fancy with its stem.


Bright, refreshing serves over ice. We're thinking Whisky Sours, Negronis and even slightly shorter (stronger) than normal Spritzes. Campari/Vermouth & Soda vibes.


A bit of an all rounder to be honest, but it feels super aperitivo to us. Early summer's evening, on a busy table, filled with snacks and friends.


Volume to washline: With ice - 95ml Without ice - N/A
Weight: 119g (per glass)
Height: 10cm
Pack Size: 2x Stemmed Rocks Glass
Dishwasher Safe: Yes