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Ed - your bartender for the evening

Ed Procter is a former bar manager, turned Brand Ambassador who has worked in the drinks industry in both London & Barcelona.

When creating his Canvas experience, Ed called upon experiences from both cities - with the approach to drinks from his time at Spring in London; and the Aperitivo culture in which he admired and indulged in Barcelona. Bringing both of these worlds together we celebrated Aperitivo Culture with Primavera. 

Beyond just the food & drinks that are synonymous with Aperitivo, the deeper meaning of transition is something we, together with Ed, wanted to celebrate and explore. Something we felt was perhaps more apt than ever after a year of being stuck in our homes with the lines between work & play blurring. 

The drinks

Beyond the drinks


The aroma for Primavera was inspired by Orange Blossom trees that line the streets of Barcelona. It was this fresh, spring aroma that took Ed back to those evenings enjoying the Aperitivo culture to it's fullest. To bring this to life we worked with the Handmade Candle Co and created a mini room spray for our guests. The guidance was to spritz the room light enough as to not over power the room, but enough to hold the attention.


Of course, as Primavera was all about Aperitivo, food was always going to play an integral part. We included two delicious snacks to satisfy the inevitable hunger generated from the complex & bitter drinks. First, were some deliciously buttery green olives from Lina Stores followed by the incredibly more-ish Salt & Cracked Pepper Sourdough Crackers from our friends at Peter's Yard.

From the guestlist

“Legitimately took me to another world and it’s an experience I’ve missed and wanted to recreate again since - if only Primavera were open every night”
"My canvas box was delivered the other day and it’s SO impressive. The details are so good! It feels like a complete experience"
"When I discovered Canvas and read their tagline, I was in! When we sat down to enjoy our box, what began as some drinks turned into the best evening we’ve had in a long time."