Palo Santo Gimlet



If you've never had a Gimlet before, have no fear. They're a properly tasty short number but not quite as punchy as a martini. This Palo Santo Gimlet from the legends at Tayēr + Elementary is particularly 'properly tasty'. Super zippy and uplifting with a beautiful yet subtle Palo Santo note.


Whatever the occasion, we generally prefer our Gimlets served up but this is just as at home over a big chunk of ice, we would say though if you're serving it up maybe give it a super quick stir over ice to dilute & chill.


Tayēr x Hepple Gin, Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, Lillet Blanc and Palo Santo


Volume: 300ml
Height: 15.5cm
Weight: 496g
ABV: 26.2%
Allergens: None