*Limited Edition* Yorkshire Day Special Cocktails – Canvas Bars

*Limited Edition* Yorkshire Day Special Cocktails


'Appy Yorkshire Day!

Well here we go, our first Limited Edition cocktails for our Moments menu and we are celebrating Yorkshire Day (1st Aug). As this is now our home, we wanted to celebrate with some of our friends based here in Yorkshire.

We've worked with John Robert's Botanic Request and Libations Rum to develop some utterly delicious cocktails inspired by some particular Yorkshire Moments. 

Inside the box:
- The Blush & Bloom Cooler
- The Heather Old Fashioned
- Yorkshire Day special menu
- Seasonal scent stick
- Service videos from the brand owners themselves!


The Drinks

Name: Blush & Bloom Cooler
Taste Profile: Ultimately Refreshing & Delicately Floral
Inspired by: A childhood spent in the Yorkshire summer sun before cooling off with Grandmother's cloudy lemonade
To Serve: Pour into a highball glass full of cubed ice and garnish with a Lemon Turkish Delight.
Ingredients: John Robert's Botanic Request Electric Rose Gin, Super lemon, Sugar syrup, Pink nib tea
Allergens: Cocao nibs used in the tea packaged in a factory that contains nuts
ABV: 8.9%


Name: Heather Old Fashioned
Taste Profile: Moreish & Complex
Inspired by: Getting comfy under a blanket after the summer sun has finally set
To Serve: Pour into a rocks glass filled with a large rock of ice or cubed ice and garnish with a dehydrated orange slice & a pressed viola flower.
Ingredients: Libations Spiced Rum, Heather honey, Orange bitters, water
Allergens: Celery & Mustard (in garnish)
ABV: 23.9%

Our drinks contain Potassium Sorbate as a preservative.