*Limited Edition* Heather Old Fashioned – Canvas Bars

*Limited Edition* Heather Old Fashioned

For the Old Fashioned lovers (I'm talking about the classic cocktail), this twist will feel especially moreish. Slightly sweeter in profile, the Heather Old Fashioned is really all about allowing the Spiced Rum from Libations to shine. Not a fan of an Old Fashioned? Give this one a whirl, it might just change your opinion.

Name: Heather Old Fashioned
Taste Profile: Moreish & Complex
Inspired by: Getting comfy under a blanket after the summer sun has finally set
To Serve: Pour into a rocks glass filled with a large rock of ice or cubed ice and garnish with a dehydrated orange slice & a pressed viola flower.
Ingredients: Libations Spiced Rum, Heather honey, Orange bitters, water
Allergens: Celery & Mustard (in garnish)
ABV: 23.9%
Our drinks contain Potassium Sorbate as a preservative.