Freezer Martini


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Shaken, stirred or straight from a tinnie? It's the modern way. The team at Whitebox Drinks strike again with another classic cocktail now available in a mega cute can. For the best results, stick this one in the freezer (get it?) for 4-24hrs before serving.


There are traditionally so many questions and personalisations when it comes to a Martini. Olive garnish? Lemon twist? Dry? Wet? But who's got time for that these days... The decision here is out of the tinnie or poured into a fancy frozen coupe - both pretty faff-free.


Porter's Gin, Dry Vermouth, Lemon Zest


Volume: 100ml
Height: 7cm
Weight: 125g
ABV: 34.4%
Allergens: Sulphites