Elderflower Sour – Canvas Bars

Elderflower Sour

You know those times at home where you just wanna head out to enjoy the last of the summer sun? You grab yourself a quick drink, some no-fuss chips & dip and fight over the best seat in the garden. That's what this drink is all about. Those late evenings as the sun sets, just enjoying being outside. 

Taste Profile: Zingy & Floral
Inspired by: Chips & dips in the sun, or the drizzle - let's be honest!
To Serve: Pour over a large rock of ice (or large cubes) in a rocks/short glass, and garnish with a dehydrated Orange wheel.
Ingredients: John Robert's Botanic Request Gin, Cointreau, Elderflower syrup, Super Lime, Orange blossom, Water
Allergens: N/A
ABV: 16.1%
Our drinks contain Potassium Sorbate as a preservative.