Chipper's Old Fashioned – Canvas Bars

Chipper's Old Fashioned



The team from Whitebox smash it again. You know the attention to detail runs through this product when you notice the use of actual cherrywood for the label (yep, so nice.) When it comes to cracking & pouring this one, I'd go for a big chunk of ice, bit of orange peel and a good, comfy chair. Bliss.


I feel like there's a certain moment in life that calls for an Old Fashioned, and now when that moment is coupled with a need for speed, this is the one to go for. Who knew we didn't need to wait 2mins for a sugar cube to dissolve to enjoy a properly delicious Old Fashioned, eh!


Virgin oak whisky, cherrywood bitters, gum sugar


Volume: 100ml

Height: 7cm
Weight: 125g
ABV: 32.2%ABV
Allergens: Cereals