Mr Lyan Bonfire Old Fashioned – Canvas Bars

Mr Lyan Bonfire Old Fashioned


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You know who you can trust to make a delicious cocktail? Ryan Cheti, AKA Mr Lyan. And this Old Fashioned twist is no different. Perfectly balanced throughout, from the smoky lapsang souchong notes to the aromatic complexities of the Mr Lyan Cola Bitters. De-lish.


Got a pal who really looooves an Old Fashioned? Whip this one out of the fridge and watch as their mind slowly boggles in front of you.


Mr Lyan Scotch Whisky, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Mr Lyan Cola Bitters


Volume: 500ml
Serves: 5
Height: 23.5cm
Weight: 1.01kg
ABV: 30.8%
Allergens: None