Bach Highball (2 pack) – Canvas Bars

Bach Highball (2 pack)



Slick. These beauties are slick and add a slice of sophistication to any cocktail served in them. Strong angled look, a nice sturdy thickness and a medium chunk on the bottom to add good weight in hand.


Our go-to drinks for this one would be your slightly heavier highball serves, perhaps whisky or rum based drinks that suit the 'medium chunk' on this glass. We like to keep it simple with a good old Whisky Soda.


Had a long day? Not fancy anything too boozy/intense? Stick a refreshing highball in here and chill.


Volume to washline: With ice - 130ml Without ice - N/A
Weight: 329g (per glass)
Height: 15cm
Pack Size: 2x Bach Highballs
Dishwasher Safe: Yes