Our Story – Canvas Bars

Our Story

We're on a mission to bridge the gap between the cocktail bar and home.

There's nothing quite like a night at a great cocktail bar. The fresh cocktails, the service from the team, the feeling of treating yourself.

And we think this feeling should be something we can all enjoy at home, too.


So we make it super easy to enjoy a great cocktail at home.




You don't jump behind the bar and shake or measure or mix your own cocktail at your favourite bar, so why should you at home?

Our cocktails are fully ready-to-serve and made fresh by bartenders at our Cocktail HQ in Farsley, Leeds.

So you can enjoy a top quality cocktail at home, just you like do in a great cocktail bar.


The story so far

We first launched at the beginning of 2021, after months of throwing ideas back and forth about how we could make the rise of drinking cocktails at home better. Seeing the world's best bars release some amazing bottled cocktails had us thinking - that liquid will be delicious, we don't doubt that, but we go to these bars for so much more. Can we bring the whole experience home?



Since then we have:

- Released 5 Canvas Experience Boxes

- Served hundreds of canvas guests

- Launched our Canvas Store 

- Worked with some big brands including Sipsmith, Wimbledon, Discarded Spirits Co, Belvedere, Earl of East and more...

- Featured in Courier Magazine, Drinks International, The Cocktail Lovers & more

- Launched Canvas Cocktails


Thank you for everybody who has supported us so far, by liking instagram posts, buying boxes and reading our Guestlist emails - it all adds up and means a lot to us.


Here's to the future of canvas
and the future cocktails at home...

Jonny & Jess