Skinny Highball (2 pack) – Canvas Bars

Skinny Highball (2 pack)



Such a solid glass to have in the repertoire at home. Slim glass throughout, good size and a versatile glass in terms of drinks that can be served. It's the glass you need when you want your go-to tall drink but wanna make sure it looks the part too.


All tall drinks go well in this one. Ever tried a Tequila & Tonic? Thank us later.


Tough one really, because there's so many times I'd reach for this glass. Maybe more so than others though would be for a Vermouth & Tonic. It's not a hugely tall highball glass so that plays well into mixed drinks with vermouths & modifiers.


Volume to washline: With ice - 140ml; Without ice - N/A
Weight: 166g (per glass)
Height: 12.8cm
Pack Size: 2x Skinny Highballs
Dishwasher Safe: Yes