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Nick & Nora Glass (2 pack)


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A classic shape, originally named after Nick and Nora - two characters from a detective film from 1934, who would sip cocktails from glasses like this, apparently. Very popular these days in cocktail bars as a variation on shape for a drink served 'up' (served with no ice).


At 110ml, for us it lends itself perfectly to a stirred-down and brown cocktail. Think your whisky-forward, complex sippers. Calling all Manhattan, El Presidente fans... Saying that, we wouldn't say no to a super, super cold classic daiquiri or Margarita in here when the sun is out too!


I feel like the unique shape is always a good one to whip out when friends are round for drinks. A bit of a 'if you know, you know' moment - you know?


Volume to washline: With ice - N/A; Without ice - 110ml
Weight: 126g (per glass)
Height: 15cm
Pack Size: 2x Nick & Nora Glasses
Dishwasher Safe: Yes