The Store


Our curated range of cocktail glassware from sturdy rocks glasses to fancy coupes. Each product comes as a two pack in Flexi-hex protective packaging.


A range of the best pre-batched cocktails on the market, from Negronis in a tiny can to pre-bottled Aperitivo, our collection is designed to give you delicious drinks at home without having to be a bartender.


Whether it's a gift for a loved one or something to treat yourself, we have gift packs to cover a range of pricepoints.


Aroma has a huge impact on how we feel and interact with flavour. Our range of Room Sprays & Candles will help you set the mood for cocktails.


The ritual of setting the table is such an important part of making cocktails feel extra special at home. From coasters to snack bowls, we have you covered.


This is where it all started for Canvas. Our immersive cocktail experience boxes deliver a night in, at the bar. The ultimate solution to help make cocktails at home feel like cocktails at the bar.