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Meet Jonny - One half of canvas

Meet Jonny - One half of canvas

As part of introducing the humans behind the brand, we thought it'd be best (& not quite as awkward) to introduce each other rather than write about ourselves.

So, let me introduce to you one half of the Canvas team - Jonny.

So I definitely met Jonny a few times before I actually met Jonny. He would often be in Dandelyan sporting some sort of brand expense card. First working for whisky doing partnerships & takeovers, and then sampling our N/A cocktails with Seedlip.

So when I eventually joined Seedlip it was great to see a familiar face and some good old Geordie hospitality. Despite working for different brands within the Seedlip company, we did end up working on projects together. Jonny would often be found rounding up bartenders for training or competitions and I couldn't help but want to be involved in what ever fun activation he'd had dreamed up.


Then, during lockdown we started chatting about drinking at home, and I can tell you now that he has a million and one business ideas in his back pocket. What is now Canvas wasn't the first idea we discussed, in fact it was buried in amongst a number of others - which I'd love to share but I feel like he's keeping them for a rainy day in the future.

See, Jonny is always seeing market gaps and wondering how best they can be filled. 
Jonny 'big picture' Shields. What is that? What if this? Why?

Now with Canvas, this big picture thinking is something he will often elbow into our meetings. Always questioning and checking in on what we are doing and making sure we are set out on the right path. Which I suppose is a good thing, but maybe not in the middle of our bookkeeping call?

Canvas was definitely born out of Jonny's questions and wonderings. Oh, and if you're ever on a business call with him in sure he will weave football into it somehow.


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