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Meet Jess - One half of canvas

Meet Jess - One half of canvas

As part of introducing the humans behind the brand, we thought it'd be best (& not quite as awkward) to introduce each other rather than write about ourselves.

So, let me introduce to you one half of the Canvas team - Jess.


Jess 'The Morganiser' Morgan gets sh*t done. I first met Jess when she walked into the Seedlip office on her first day as the new Events Manager at Æcorn. We had a semi-awkward 'we kinda know each other' moment as we'd 'met' (not properly) a bunch of times whilst she was working at (World's Best Bar - no biggie) Dandelyan during the time it was part of my job to pop in to try out the latest delicious non-alc creations on the Seedlip expense card. I'd sit at the bar and be that guy chatting to the bartenders whilst Jess would be running the floor. Managing the floor team, welcoming guests & ensuring every customer in the bar was happy - there was usually rather a lot of them. Getting sh*t done.

So Jess was new in the Seedlip office and I found myself drawn to ensuring she felt welcome. A sense of kinship with somebody 'from the bar scene', perhaps? It was from this we began to chat about different project ideas. Jess is somebody you can trust to work with ideas to make them become something. This wasn't about all airy-fairy chats about 'what about blah blah?' or 'omg, that would be so good!', this was 'okay, so let's make this happen.' From pulling the ideas into plans, to executing the plans on the day, Jess is all over it. 

But beyond writing lists & carrying around her trusty clipboard, Jess has an eye for creating. Making things & adding little touches that make the difference. Remember those tile coasters from Primavera? Yep, idea to production - all Jess. 

And what runs throughout Jess' work is the focus on the final guest experience. From the weddings & parties she'd serve with her events business in tandem with partner Jack ('cause who doesn't love a photo-booth & batched cocktails?); to the creation of cocktails for the widely-renowned menus of the Lyan bars - no pressure, right?

Throughout it all is a focus on delivering an experience that means something. An experience that sticks out in the memory as something special. And, I think that's what makes working with Jess on canvas so great. We're so aligned on that fact that having a cocktail at home should be just like when you do at the bar. The experience should have the same care and attention given to it. 

So not only does Jess get sh*t done, she gets it done with a level of care that makes sure it's not just done, it's absolutely smashed out the park, mate. 


Hey, what's with the name?

Hey, what's with the name?