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Hey, what's with the name?

Hey, what's with the name?

Firstly, naming something is really quite hard. It feels painstaking and there's so many 'oh, errrrm, maybe?' moments. Not quite. Doesn't feel right.

And it's super easy to get hung up on. I remember the days & weeks Jess and I spent discussing & texting random words to each other in the hope of the 'that's it' moment. 

Our name is something we've been asked about quite a few times and I thought now would be a good time to address it. And also to share some names that didn't quite make it too, 'cause that's always a laugh.

One Day.

That was the first name we had, the thinking here being that we were going to hand over the reigns to the bartender to create a concept at home that 'One Day' they'd like to open themselves.
Because every bartender has the 'one day, I'll open a bar' idea, right? Oh my god, and then somebody will eventually go on to open their 'One Day' concept bar in real life! And we can go and know we'd played our little part in it. That would be pretty cool, right?
In the end, it felt a little limiting and I'm pretty sure it was taken already, like a lot of times.
How about 'Maybe, One Day'? Maybe not.

Imagine That.

Similar vein of thinking on this one. Really looking at tapping into the creativity of the bartender, the new concepts & the ideas. 'Go wild, guys. we'll bring it to life at home' was a lot of the chat at this stage. Which was really exciting and the concept we actually launched with canvas 001 & 002, but eventually trying to create a brand new bespoke bar concept each time that fit into a box and didn't cost the world was too much. We learned a lot from those first boxes. We looked to create a slicker product, a more affordable product & a product that was easier to understand. Now, we're looking to go even further. Anyway, back to naming... 


Alright, I'll have to own up to this one. Not a good name at all, I mean are we hosting comedy nights? Are we really a brand that uses a word of foreign origin to sound cool? Jeez, sorry guys.
In my defence, here we were trying to nail the fact that we as a brand would be here to host these experiences but the concept (& service element) would be led by the bartenders. We'd be your compére for all your cocktail experiences at home.
Alright, I'll admit - it was and still very much is, a no.

Then, came a slack message from Jess.

Disclaimer, this was one of a number of these brain dump messages we shared with each other but there it was 'canvas'. Admittedly punctuated by the ugly and sad looking word 'Blank'. But something felt right. She was only bloody onto something!

I know this now looks like a rouse to claim that I was the one that came up with this name, I promise it's not like that! 

But guess what? 'canvas' felt right. 
It looked pretty. 
It was short & memorable.
And most importantly, it connected to our purpose. 
We view our customers homes as a canvas upon which we can make cocktails at home feel like cocktails at the bar. We could bring a beautifully curated cocktail bar experience to everybody's home. 

And up until now, we've done that five times with our Experience boxes - a full blown night in, at the bar each time. 

Moving forward though, we will be bringing the canvas bar experience to our customers homes a lot more regularly. With more choice, more elevated cocktail moments at home and (of course) some properly delicious drinks.

Eyes peeled for a big year in the story of canvas.

And maybe One Day, we'll start a comedy-night-at-home brand called Compére, Imagine That....


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