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Unique cocktail experiences designed to come to life at your place

We believe great cocktails are about more than the liquid in the glass, so we create a world-class cocktail experience that engages all of the senses & is brought to life through service. Join our guestlist to get early access to future releases...

From the guestlist

“Legitimately took me to another world and it’s an experience I’ve missed and wanted to recreate again since - if only Primavera were open every night”
"My canvas box was delivered the other day and it’s SO impressive. The details are so good! It feels like a complete experience"
"When I discovered Canvas and read their tagline, I was in! When we sat down to enjoy our box, what began as some drinks turned into the best evening we’ve had in a long time."

The Canvas Way

We love bars.
We love bars because of the whole experience they give us, not just the drinks we drink.
So at Canvas, we focus on making cocktails at home feel like cocktails at the bar through The Canvas Way.

We split our experiences into three sections, Ambience, Explore & Immerse. Each plays an important role in transporting our guests to the world of our bars and truly elevating the at-home cocktail experience.


An elevated cocktail experience deserves the time taken to properly prepare.

Here you’ll find details of the scent of the experience, the soundtrack & you'll meet your bartender for the evening.


Each canvas bar is different, each with their own story. It’s time to explore…

It's time to dive into the menu and explore the rest of what's in the box. It's here where your bartender will show you how to perfectly serve each drink, from the glassware to the garnish.


The scene is set, the bar is alive and it’s time to enjoy it.

By this time we hope your space has been transformed and the drinks are flowing. All that’s left is a parting note from the bartender before indulging in the bar we’ve created together.

At Canvas 001 we celebrated the Aperitivo culture of Barcelona with 'Primavera by Ed Procter'
At Canvas 001 we celebrated the Aperitivo culture of Barcelona with 'Primavera by Ed Procter'

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